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RECREATE in Bozeman, MT : Part 2


Juniper Cannabis is located in the heart of downtown Bozeman, and their values reflect the culture and community that makes this mountain town so special. Living in the mountains means fully embracing the rivers and trails that provide us with an escape all year round. "Bozeman Grown" pays homage to Juniper Cannabis' Roots and the lifestyle that propels the community. Here's to the days on the river, and in the mountains that we look back on, and the memories that connect us to this place.

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RECREATE in Bozeman, MT : Part 1

Bozeman Grown means endless hours climbing mountains to dive into alpine lakes. It means frosted, sunrise wake-ups for the face shots we crave.

The Best Cannabis Shops Near Yellowstone National Park

om jaw-dropping wildlife to iFrom iconic geysers and geothermal springs, Yellowstone National Park never fails to dazzle the senses. But the summer of 2022 is gonna be extra special.