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Sports Weed Collaboration with Dangle Supply

October 8, 2022

Introducing a Collaboration Product with Dangle Supply: Sports Weed

We teamed up with our friends over at Dangle Supply to bring you Sports Weed– the perfect strain for all your recreation and relaxation needs.

Flavor and Effects:

Sports Weed has garnered a lot of followers because of its mouthwatering taste that is predominantly mango. A delicious blend of sweetness and sourness takes over your whole mouth, making you want for more. Sports Weed is unsurprisingly a breakfast bud. It infuses with energy from head to toe and this buzzing energy can last for hours. You will stay focused, motivated and free from distractions.

Medical Benefits:

Because of its uplifting qualities, Sports Weed is very effective in treating a number of physical and mental ailments. People who are trying to manage symptoms of stress, fatigue, and even depression can find relief with this bud. Women who are struggling to get through the day because of their monthly cramps will also find this strain especially helpful.

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