12 Days of Cannimas!

December 8, 2023

We're thrilled to kick off the holiday celebrations with our very own version of the holiday spirit—”Cannimas”! Join us for twelve days of the best cannabis prices at both of our Montana dispensaries.

12 Days of Cannimas at Juniper Cannabis Dispensaries

We're thrilled to kick off the holiday celebrations with our very own version of the holiday spirit—”Cannimas”! Join us for twelve days of the best cannabis prices at both of our Montana cannabis dispensaries. (We’re on the corner of North Grand & Lamme in Downtown Bozeman, and on Jackrabbit Lane in Belgrade) From melt-in-your-mouth THC edibles to concentrates, and everything in between, we've curated a very merry assortment of deals on our favorite products that we think will make your season extra bright. So, gather 'round and scroll down to see what the next 12 days at Juniper Cannabis have in store for you! And remember, you can create an online account for your purchases at our weed dispensaries! Order online, pick-up at your preferred location and save yourself the ATM fee. (If you want to know more, we created a HOW-TO post here.)

Celebrating the 12 Days of Cannimas by gifting premium marijuana flower to a loved one

On the 1st Day of Cannimas, my dispensary hooked me up with:
$20 CBD Guavana Live Rosin Cartridges, bringing all the good vibes!

CBD Guavana Live Rosin Cartridge

Live Rosin is like the VIP of cannabis concentrates. It's made by applying heat and pressure to fresh weed buds, keeping all those tasty terpenes and cannabinoids intact. That means more flavor and potency in every hit!

On the 2nd Day of Cannimas, I scored:
$8 1 Gram Joints – cheap and cheerful, can't go wrong!

1 Gram Juniper Cannabis Pre-Roll Joints

On the 3rd Day of Cannimas, got a sweet 20% off on:
Tincture and Salve for those moments when I need some chill vibes.

Juniper Cannabis Tincture and Salve

Full-spectrum tinctures are the real deal – they bring the whole squad of cannabinoids, terpenes, and more, giving that full-plant goodness!

On the 4th Day of Cannimas, my wallet's happy with:
20% off regular flower pricing, a rainbow of scents and colors!

Marijuana flower from Juniper Cannabis Dispensary in Montana

On the 5th Day of Cannimas, my munchies got treated to:
15% off High Road Edibles – tasty and potent treats! (Slide in that High Road Edibles pic here!)

High Road Edibles and THC Gummies

High Road Edibles is like a buddy from college who mixed culinary skills with brand-building expertise. They've been cooking up greatness since 2019, and Montana's been loving it!

On the 6th Day of Cannimas, I snagged:
$10 Divina Joint Packs – rolled up with some serious skills!

Divina Pre-Roll Joint Packs from Juniper Cannabis

Divina Obscura, the CBD hybrid, brings funky flavors like botanicals and chili flakes. It's like a tasty adventure in every puff!

On the 7th Day of Cannimas, a calming 20% off on:
CBD goodies that make evenings feel like a breeze.

CBDistillery OMMM CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are like a lullaby in a chewable form – folks swear by them for that blissful sleep!

On the 8th Day of Cannimas, got some:
$6 Cranberry Sage CANNs – fizzy and perfect for a guilt-free sip!

CANN Cranberry Sage THC Drinks

Cann's sparkling tonic brings all the refreshment, minus the hangover. It's like a fun party drink without the regrets!

On the 9th Day of Cannimas, a cool 20% off on:
Juniper House Edibles, with flavors that pop!

Juniper Cannabis Mint Chocolate Edibles
Juniper Cannabis Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Edible

Juniper House makes edibles that are like tiny bursts of joy – chocolates that stand out from the crowd!

On the 10th Day of Cannimas, got a sweet deal:
Buy 2 Get 1 House Carts – time to elevate the experience!

Juniper Cannabis THC Vape Carts
Juniper Cannabis THC Vaporizer Cartridge

On the 11th Day of Cannimas, 20% off on:
Concentrates that pack a punch – a dab or two for that extra glee!

Juniper Cannabis THC Concentrate Dabs
Juniper Cannabis THC Concentrate Wax
Juniper Cannabis THC Concentrate Oil

On the 12th Day of Cannimas, a classy 20% off on:
Dualitas Mugs and Treeline Coffee – a combo that screams sophistication!

Dualitas Mugs and Treeline Coffee bring a touch of luxury to the cannabis routine. It's like upgrading your experience to the VIP lounge!

Dualita Mugs and Treeline Coffee
Dualita Honeysuckle Haze Coffee
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