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The Best Cannabis Shops Near Yellowstone National Park


Juniper Cannabis’ upscale vibes

Only a handful of Montana dispensaries lean into the minimalist, upscale aesthetic of more mature markets. Juniper Cannabis, however, with locations in downtown Bozeman and closer to the airport, in Belgrade, nails that vibe to a T.

I’ve really enjoyed Juniper’s CBD-rich products in the past. On this visit I tried the pungent, piney Hawking Kush for $12 per gram, pre-tax. A 2:1 CBD-dominant strain, it’s a great choice for daytime smoking and novice consumers.

Juniper Cannabis Downtown Bozeman. Photo by Sean O'Brien of OB Productions

Also: Don’t sleep on their Sports Weed, a buzzy sativa blend made in collaboration with the merry pranksters of Dangle Supply, an excellent local bong and pipe company.

Sports Weed TM Presented by Dangle Supply & Juniper Cannabis / 120 N Grand Ave, Bozeman

For the first time since adult-use cannabis sales launched in Montana this January, the nearly five million people expected to make the trek to Yellowstone will also have access to the area’s spectacular array of marijuana shops and products.

The Treasure State offers a strikingly different marijuana shopping experience than many other markets: Tons of the shops here are straight-up mom and pop boutique operations. Virtually all of them are in-state, homegrown companies, too, and carry a blend of popular, well-known strains and niche products.

Juniper Cannabis- Recreational & Medicinal Cannabis Near Yellowstone National Park: Photo y Sean O'Brien of OB Productions

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Sports Weed Collaboration with Dangle Supply