Bozeman's Best Summer Rides: The Dirt Concern Group Ride Series Backed by Juniper Cannabis

June 13, 2024

Ride with Us! An Inclusive Community Experience: Juniper Cannabis Sponsors Bozeman's The Dirt Concern Group Rides

Experience Bozeman's unique community summer biking series! Sponsored by Juniper Cannabis, the Dirt Concern Group Rides are more than just rides—they're a way of getting outside with your neighbors. Whether you're a seasoned mountain biker or someone looking to start a new hobby, these rides offer a great way to connect with other riders and explore new trails.

Join Juniper Cannabis and The Dirt Concern for Bozeman's unique summer biking series! These Group Rides are a celebration of the Bozeman cycling community and getting outside with your neighbors. Whether you're a seasoned mountain biker or someone looking to start a new hobby, these rides welcome all skill levels and are "no drop," ensuring that no rider is left behind.

Aside from the unbeatable landscapes of Montana, what truly sets these rides apart is the sense of community.  Juniper Cannabis, a staunch supporter of local initiatives, aims to bring people together, encouraging new friendships and strengthening connections in the outdoors. Through their sponsorship, they make these rides accessible for all.

If you're eager to get involved, mark your calendars and join us for a variety of bike rides around Bozeman. Sign up for the Dirt Concern newsletter to stay updated on all the latest news and details about the rides.

June 20th: Stone Creek Trail

Stone Creek is the perfect place to kickstart our Dirt Concerns Summer Group Ride Series. Renowned for its well-maintained trails and breathtaking scenery, Stone Creek offers a fantastic mix of climbs, descents, and technical sections that will challenge and delight riders of all skill levels. Whether you're seeking a hard-core mountain biking experience or a scenic ride through Montana's natural beauty, this trail has it all. 

Here’s what our friends at Outside Bozeman have to say about the ride.

Celebrate July 4th at the Goosenut Costume Ride

Get ready to celebrate Independence Day with a twist at the Goosenut Costume Ride on Thursday, July 4! This group bike ride blends mountain biking with the spirit of the holiday, encouraging participants to don their most creative costumes for a fun-filled day on the trails. Meet up at the Goose Creek Trailhead at 10:00 AM to carpool for the shuttle, and kick off the festivities with fellow riders. 

Crosscut Mountain Sports Center: July 18th

Experience the lush meadows and rolling hills of the Crosscut Mountain Sports Center, tucked away just outside Bozeman. This beloved destination not only offers incredible trails for mountain biking enthusiasts but also immerses riders in pristine natural beauty, making every turn and climb a visual feast. Whether you're a seasoned rider looking for a challenge or a newcomer keen to soak in the scenery, Crosscut provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable group ride. 

August 1st: South Cottonwood Trail

South Cottonwood Trail is a picturesque blend of lush forests and vibrant wildflower meadows. This trail meanders along the bubbling Cottonwood Creek, offering peaceful water sounds as your riding companion. The ride includes a mix of smooth singletracks and gentle climbs, making it accessible to riders of all skill levels.

Moser Creek Ride: August 15th

The Moser trail offers a perfect blend of nature and challenge, ideal for riders looking to enjoy the beauty of Bozeman while testing their biking skills. On August 15, at 6pm, gather at the trailhead and get ready for an exhilarating group ride that will take you through stunning wooded areas and across flowing streams. The trail features a mix of gentle slopes and moderate climbs, making it accessible yet exciting for all skill levels.

Bangtail Divide Trail: August 24th

The Bangtail Divide Trail is an iconic 31-mile singletrack that offers breathtaking views and a mix of thrilling terrain. Riders will experience a combination of forested areas, open meadows, and ridge-top paths, making for a diverse and exciting journey. Known for its well-maintained trails and challenging climbs, it's ideal for those looking to put their skills to the test while soaking in the natural beauty of the Bozeman area. Expect to encounter some steep sections and technical descents, perfect for adrenaline seekers. 

Johnson Canyon: September 5th

Get ready for a thrilling ride through Johnson Canyon. This trail is a true gem for mountain bikers, offering a mix of rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery. Known for its challenging climbs and exhilarating descents, Johnson Canyon promises an adventurous experience that keeps both intermediate and advanced riders engaged.  Don't miss the panoramic views from the trail's higher elevations; they're simply spectacular. Make sure your bike is in top shape and bring plenty of water—you'll need it for this ride!

Corbly Gulch: September 19th

The Corbly trail is a gem nestled in the Bridger Range, offering a blend of lush forest and picturesque ridgelines. This trail boasts a uniquely rewarding challenge, perfect for both seasoned riders and those looking to elevate their experience. You'll encounter a variety of terrains, from smooth singletrack to more rugged, rocky sections that test your skills and stamina. The ascent rewards you with breathtaking panoramic views that encompass the Gallatin Valley and distant mountain ranges, making every pedal worth the effort. Here’s what Outside Bozeman has to say about the ride.

Closing Ride: Painted Hills on October 3

Join us for this final ride of the season! This trail boasts a mesmerizing blend of rolling hills and vibrant wildflower meadows, providing a picturesque backdrop to your adventure. With moderate terrain, it's accessible to bikers of all skill levels, ensuring an inclusive experience where everyone's welcome. You'll ride through scenic overlooks and lush greenery, perfect for those who appreciate nature's nuances.

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