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Local Disposables: Film Camera Contest & Art Show

January 30, 2023

10 Film Cameras, 10 local Photographers, 1 Month.

Nominate your favorite photographer (or yourself!) to be one if 10 locals chosen to shoot a roll of film for our Local Disposable Art Show on March 30th, 2023. Participants will be selected randomly from the nominee pool Friday, February 10th. (Link to register below)

Each photographer will be given one disposable camera to capture images with the subject being ‘A Bozeman Winter’. Participants will pick up their camera from Juniper as soon as possible and return it for development by March 13th. Cameras will be available for pick up February 10th at the downtown location! (*Selected participants will be notified by email.)

120 North Grand Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59718


Be 21+
Participants must be 21 years of age or older.

Be Courteous
Make sure you ask permission before snapping a photo of your friend or a fellow Bozemanite.

Be Open
We’re going to share your images! By entering the contest, photographers agree that photos captured on their film will be displayed at the viewing party and may be used by Juniper for advertising. We’d love to credit the photographer in any way possible, so, if you’re selected please share with us your website or Instagram handle in the sign-up form!

Be Decent
Photos must not violate any of the below guidelines,or it will not be eligible:
No portrayal or implication of illegal activity.
No lewd or indecent language or images.
No sexual or violent content.

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