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Montana's Best Dispenaries

November 16, 2021

Montana's Best Dispensaries

2022 is off to an exciting start in Big Sky Country. On January 1, recreational marijuana sales began across Montana; and now — nearly two decades after the state first legalized medical marijuana — its stellar cannabis can finally be enjoyed by all Montanans and visitors alike.

The Montana cannabis market offers much to explore. Thanks to an 18-month moratorium on new business licenses included in the state's legalization framework bill, nearly every shop in the state is actually based there and tends to emphasize small-scale, high-quality flower and products.

The launch of the rec market has also opened the door to horizontal sales in Montana, which means that customers can finally buy flower and other products from a shop other than the one that produced them, making your Montana cannabis adventures even more enjoyable and accessible.

High tourist season doesn't hit in Montana until the summer, but the quieter winter months are arguably an even better time to explore: from gorgeous snowy hikes to bountiful skiing, hot springs, and more, Montana winters are best enjoyed with newly-legal cannabis.

Below, find some of our favorites — the must-haves to help you make the most of your cannabis-fueled winter adventures, along with some unique pot shops in Big Sky Country.

Juniper Cannabis Dispensary in Bozeman

Welcome to Juniper Cannabis in Bozeman, MT. Everyone is welcome here, and there's something for everyone.

Situated in a Victorian house in booming downtown Bozeman, Juniper Cannabis sets a high bar for the Montana dispensary experience. The printed menus make navigating the store's wares extremely manageable ... and are much appreciated by this low-vision writer.

Juniper's product is as on-point as its shopping experience. I've fallen in love with the dense and super terp-y Starkiller strain, as well as a hard-to-find CBD-dominant indica vape cart; the latter is a great way to unwind without sinking too far into the couch.

Bonus: Juniper carries hiking-friendly titanium bongs and unique, curved Hobbit-esque pipes from fellow Bozemanites Dangle Supply.

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