Cannabis with a Cause: Juniper Dispensaries Hosts Fundraiser for The Dirt Concern

May 5, 2024

It's more than another stop at your favorite dispensary, for Donation Day your Dollars support the values we hold dear at Juniper Cannabis Dispensaries: community development, education, and stewardship. 10% of your purchase on Saturday, May 18th goes beyond a typical transaction, it becomes a meaningful contribution to your community's efforts at trail upkeep and active lifestyle promotion.

WHO: The event you've been waiting for to support your local trails is brought to you by Juniper Cannabis Dispensaries, in partnership with The Dirt Concern, the Bozeman chapter of SWMBA.

WHAT: Don't miss our Donation Day! This event is our spin on a Brewery Pint Night, instead of beers, it’s bud! Juniper Dispensaries is donating 10% of the whole day’s proceeds (at both dispensaries) to The Dirt Concern. This organization is dedicated to community development through group rides, monthly member meetings, public outreach, education and trail maintenance. Yo support helps ensure stewardship and accountability as they continue to serve the Gallatin Valley's growing trail-user community.

WHEN: Set a reminder in your calendar for Saturday, May 18th, 2024. We're dedicating the whole day, turning your every purchase into support for a great cause!

WHERE: You can participate in the fundraiser at any of our two Juniper Cannabis Dispensary locations. So, make a plan to stop by, shop with us, and contribute to a better community.

Juniper Cannabis Bozeman: 120 N Grand Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715
Juniper Cannabis Belgrade Dispensary: 5174 Jackrabbit Ln, Belgrade, MT 59714

WHY:  Your involvement matters! Because with every purchase you make at Juniper Cannabis dispensaries on May 18, you're not just getting exceptional quality products, you're also making a real impact to keep Bozeman’s trail system great. The funds raised during this event will help The Dirt Concern leverage unique opportunities to further their mission - promoting responsible usage and nurturing the growing trail-user community in regions across Bangtails, Brigders, Gallatin Front, and the Gallatin Valley.

More on The Dirt Concern: Serving the Gallatin Valley's Growing Trail-User Community

The Dirt Concern, a crucial branch of SWMBA’s Bozeman chapter, operates with a sole mission of enhancing community cohesion and environmental stewardship through engaging activities. The group was revived in May 2023, primarily focusing on the Bermudas, Bridgers, Gallatin Front, and the vast Gallatin Valley. Their work involves organizing group rides and member meetings on a monthly basis, with the intent to nurture a sense of community, as well as foster a culture of grassroots advocacy within its fold.

Furthermore, the Dirt Concern sees immense potential and recognizes unique opportunities within the regions they serve. They are actively involved in public education and outreach programs. The goal? To foster a sense of shared responsibility for our natural playground. The Dirt Concern emphasizes on the vitality of stewardship and accountability when enjoying outdoor recreational activities, ensuring the trail community is aware of their obligations to care and protect these spaces for future generations.

The Dirt Concern also gets their hands dirty (their moniker is no coincidence) with trail maintenance and new trail development. This hands-on approach is vital in supporting the growing trail-user community within the Gallatin Valley, and ensures these valuable outdoor resources are continually maintained, improved and expanded for all to relish. Your donation can help fund these important initiatives.

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