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Sports Weed TM is the perfect flower for your outdoor adventures! We partnered up with dangle Supply, another Bozeman brand to bring you a strain ideal for trail running, paddle boarding and time spent in the great outdoors (We tested it– that's how we know). You'll enjoy moods of happy, creative & focus with this light-hearted sativa strain. It's perfect for summer adventures with notes of berry, pine and sweetness. Green Crack (S) X Sour Bubble (I) + Moods of energized - motivated - focused. + Notes of floral - sweet - tropical. Flavor and Effects: The Rise N’ Shine strain has garnered a lot of followers because of its mouthwatering taste that is predominantly mango. A delicious blend of sweetness and sourness takes over your whole mouth, making you want for more. The Rise N’ Shine strain is unsurprisingly a breakfast bud. It infuses with energy from head to toe and this buzzing energy can last for hours. You will stay focused, motivated and free from distractions. Medical Benefits: Because of its uplifting qualities, the Rise N’ Shine cannabis strain is very effective in treating a number of physical and mental ailments. People who are trying to manage symptoms of stress, fatigue, and even depression can find relief with this bud. Women who are struggling to get through the day because of their monthly cramps will also find this strain especially helpful.

fruity - tropical
citrus - berry


client love

mikaela d.

The staff are always incredibly friendly and kind, in addition to being knowledgeable in the products.They have daily specials which are always nice to have a perk when you arrive.The facility is in a beautiful old downtown Bozeman location (old house). The space has been completely redone and not a detail was missed when they renovated, really it is a gorgeous shop!The flower is top notch, grease monkey is probably the best indica I have found here.Thanks for what you do! Highly recommend!

madi m.

Juniper is my preferred shop in Bozeman. High quality products at a great price point. Everyone who works there is friendly, knowledgable and makes you feel welcome. The shop itself is cute and makes you feel at home. 10/10 would recommend!

robert d.

Craft quality cannabis, good pricing and friendly helpful staff make this place a excellent choice for the consumer. I highly recommend checking them out.

marcus l.

Best flower and shatter in town. Might find it a little cheaper elsewhere, but you won't find it any better. Quality is the No 1 here and it's obvious. The attention to detail and selection of strains are top notch. Every tender working is very friendly, knowledgeable, and more than willing to take the time to help you find what you need or want. There are extraordinarily great deals for returning regulars as well. The level of respect Juniper has for its patients is incredibly high. I suggest to anyone looking to start/restart their medicinal license to go with Juniper.Also brownie points for being awesome and cleanly during covid 👍